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Welcome to Beach Cities Vein and Laser Center.  If you have problematic varicose or spider veins, or other aesthetic concerns, this is the place for you.

My name is Dr. Mark Rayman, medical director of Beach Cities Veins and Laser Center.  As a board certified interventional radiologist and phlebologist*, I have many years of expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of problems of the venous system.   More importantly, I have an equal number of years in truly caring for and relating to my patients – and that is what I believe sets my practice apart.

Beach Cities Vein and Laser Center was created to deliver exceptional patient care.   With great attention to detail, we approach each patient as a unique individual.  At the first visit, I encourage each patient to explain their particular needs and concerns.  After a careful exam, I personally supervise the initial diagnostic ultrasound, so that an accurate diagnosis is made.  Time is then spent to provide education, answer questions, and explain the many treatment options which we offer to our patients. The venous and aesthetic treatments which we provide are leading edge, minimally invasive, and surprisingly comfortable.  Individual treatment plans are customized for each patient, tailored to their particular desires and goals.  With the assistance of my highly trained and extremely caring staff, great efforts are made to achieve outstanding results in a safe and relaxed environment.

Comes visit us at Beach Cities Vein and Laser Center, and begin your path to looking and feeling younger and more beautiful.  We promise to make your experience extraordinary.




What are varicose veins and what causes them?
Varicose veins are bulging worm-like protruding veins that are commonly seen on the thighs and calves. They are caused by faulty valves in veins beneath the skin surface, which causes blood to back up and enlarge these superficial veins.
What are symptoms of varicose veins?
Symptoms of varicose veins include aching, throbbing, cramping or burning pain over the affected veins. Additional symptoms may include leg swelling, heaviness, restlessness or fatigue. Occasionally open wounds on the legs, known as ulcers, may occur as a result of varicose veins.
How are varicose veins treated?
There are many treatments for varicose veins. To effectively treat varicose veins, one must determine which vein beneath the skin surface is causing the problem, because the underlying cause must be treated in order to have successful and long-lasting results.

The best way to determine the cause of the varicose veins is by the performance of a ultrasound by a skilled sonographer. It is equally important that the ultrasound be properly interpreted. Dr. Rayman, who is an interventional radiologist with expertise in the performance and interpretation of ultrasound, takes pride in making sure that the correct diagnosis is made.

Once the underlying abnormal vein is identified, it might be treated in any of a number of different ways, including Endovenous Laser Ablation, Radiofrequency Ablation, Mechanical-Pharmaceutical Ablation and Sclerotherapy. In addition, the varicose veins themselves may be treated by microphlebectomy or sclerotherapy.

Treatment choice is dependent upon the particular patient’s appearance, symptoms, motivations and desires.

Does treatment for varicose veins work?
Absolutely. There is a 98-100% technical success rate with most treatments, with permanent cure in most cases. Recurrence of varicose veins ranges from 2%- 20%, depending on the treatment utilized and length of time from the original treatment. Recurrent varicose veins are easily treated.